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Let’s Learn Celebrities Who Can’t Get Enough OF KETO Diet

Celebrities, Sports personalities, and Reality TV stars are the bunch of people who are very cautious about their health care and their diet. Following the trend that “Keto Diet is not for everyone,” which is, in fact, a reality and the celebrities have certainly added spice to this recipe when some of those who have opted for the KETO diet after not getting an optimum result.

They have added a bit from their side as well. It is a common thing these days, whatever the famous celebrities do, their followers do the same, and their views about those things will also be the same as their mythical Gods had.

Just to jog the memories, the KETO diet involves healthy eating as in by saying this, it is meant that it has a very low percentage of carbs and sugar, mid percentage of protein, and high proportions of healthy fats.

This not only helps in cutting good weight but also helps in the strong development of the immune system against some diseases like diabetes and epilepsy.

Celebs and Diet Plans

Some celebs found this dieting plan affective and recommended to others, but some of them completely disowned it by naming it as a one-time charm. We will name some of the celebs below who have rated ketogenic diet according to their experiences.

Before writing anything about the advantages and disadvantages of the KETO diet, it should be kept in mind that it is not for everyone. If you are suffering from any type of allergy or infection, then you must consult a doctor first.

If he clears you for doing it, then go for it, or else it will be going to hit you bad. Let us see what the celebs have to say about the ketogenic diet when some of them found it effective and when it didn’t work for them.

Jillian Michaels:

Who can tell you better about a diet plan rather than a fitness trainer herself, Jillian Michaels is an American Fitness trainer who has rated keto diet as the “worst plan to follow” after giving this statement, the KETO specialists and the celebs following this plan were shocked because Jillian is a very famous fitness trainer in the USA.

After being asked about why she has stated such hardcore words for ketogenic diet, which is followed by nearly 20 million people around the world, in her defense she explained that our cells need the essential energy constituents or in biological language we say macromolecules.

These macromolecules are proteins, carbohydrates, and fat. By not taking any one of these on a daily basis will not only affect the body energy cycle, but it also produces deficiency in your body.

This shortage of enzymes may cause fatal injuries and severe concussions to the human body in general. She further suggested eating balanced diet food, and she also has advised avoiding processed food and especially those products which are made by processed sugar.

Further, she added that processed grained products are the most harmful for intake during the diet.

Halle Berry:

Who doesn’t know about Halle Berry, the girl with one of the best body fitness conditions even at this age? If you are a regular Instagram user, then you must have seen her posts regarding healthy foods, and killer workouts.

For her fitness and strength, she often gives credit to the ketogenic diet she follows she many times said that in many interviews that diet is an essential part of your eating habits and people should also take care of what people should take when they are on some weight loss course.

Surprisingly, while discussing her ketogenic diet experience she once said that she used to have his plate full of avocados to eat in the lunch, according to the prescribed eating limits in keto diet charts, avocado contains 9 grams of carbohydrates in one serving.

Halle berry more added that it is good to have avocados rather than stick to eat potatoes for balancing the carb cycle in your diet. It is necessary to avoid starch-containing food because, in the long run, the starch would convert into sugar, and it will add to your bloodstream.


Alyssa Milano:

Alyssa Milano is a famous American Actor, Producer who is also found to be a fan of the ketogenic diet. Her experience regarding the keto diet starts after his famous movie Who’s the Boss, which was acclaimed by audiences around the world.

Her concerns with the increasing weight directed her towards a ketogenic diet plan. According to her, it was a very slow transition to what it should be a long weight to be lean again. In one of her interviews, she said it was very hard for her to go for Atkins, (the other low-graded keto-type diet plan in which the person has to eat a lot of red meat).

Later she realized it is just another day to eat meat, and it is benefitting her. The fact is that people these days don’t have time to work on diet plans, and they would like to eat whatever is available.

Eating lean meat is not a problem at all. It is just that it must be cooked with low fat and oil, and it is research that lean meat-eaters are found to be more fit than those who experiment a lot with food.

LeBron James:

If you are a sports lover, then you just have heard about this name. The ultimate king of Professional basketball in the USA is considered amongst the all-time greats. Lebron James, in 2014, went through a weight-loss plan, and when he was asked about it, he straight-away said it is just because of the ketogenic diet he is following from the last three months of time.

Being a 6 feet 8 Inches tall guy, it is not easy to diet with a low-carb program because being a sports athlete. It is necessary to take all the consequents of energy so your body may function properly.

Further, he added that he left carbs and sugar of all types for straight 70 days and he found it exactly made to order results of leaving it behind and he completely showed the results of doing the keto diet on his posts at Instagram, those six-pack abs with complete definitions are the product of doing keto diet to its fullest.

As being a sports personality, it is very important to keep your body in the best shape because your fitness is your USP.

The fitter you are, the better you can perform both in and out of the field.

David Beckham:

The all-time famous English Footballer turned Fashion icon, the Los-Angeles Galaxy star, and the father of four male offspring are in great shape even at this age of 44.

During his time at the field, he was one of the fittest players around the world, and even now, he seems to be in the best possible shape as compared to other legend footballers who are retired and busy with the leisure life with certain activities.

When asked about how he maintains such a fit body without being in the field as football is a kind of sports that requires supreme fitness and mind presence.

He replied with just one-liner statement: “I did Keto Recently.” He further added that he uses to take a little fat and a good amount of protein in his diet along with some bacon and essential fat ingredients sometimes.

When asked about his fitness during his time in the field, he said he is much fitter now, and it makes him feel young. While following the diet plan, he corrected his eating habits a bit, and he is continuously working on making it better and better according to the body needs.

Christiano Ronaldo:

How can someone don’t know about Ronaldo, Unarguably, the GOAT (greatest of all time) in football is smashing records and creating history in every season of Laliga previously, and now knocking the opponents in Seria A.

Often seen flaunting his fit body and his muscular legs in front of the camera for his fans and for the crowd Ronaldo follows a very vigilant yet easy to take diet plan which is a step ahead of keto and mostly his food intake is very choosy as compared to the type of athletic moves he does on the field, and recently he just headed a 2.65 meters long ball in the goal which is a record in itself.

When it is about the diet, Christiano Ronaldo’s intake includes red meat, green vegetables, and beans as well, with very high proportions of proteins and little capacity of essential fats, and preferably, he takes salad and beans in his snacks.

Being an athlete, it is important to take essential proteins and a little carb as well. For the same reason, Ronaldo’s intake at noon includes juices and scrambled eggs, which are an essential source of effective proteins necessary for the nourishment of muscles.

Wrap Up

Hope you find content helpful regarding your favorite celebs. Do follow things that have fascinated you about your favorite celebs as just reading will not do any good. Taking the right actions are highly important.

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